FLC established Tre Viet airline anal compilation with a capital of 700 billion

People of FLC Group has just announced the establishment of Viet Bamboo Airlines Limited Company with chartered capital of VND 700 billion. However, the aviation licensing unit is the Aviation Administration of Vietnam said never received the relevant documents. 

It is known that the entire 700 billion charter capital of Tre Viet Aviation Co., Ltd contributed by FLC Group. The new business  Porn Hong Kongwill be the main business is civil air transport and will transport guests to the tourist destinations that FLC is exploiting.

Talking with AP Reporter , Vo Huy Cuong - Deputy Director of the Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration - said, far Bureau Jav Uncensored has not yet received written records or procedures of the said unit. The Department of Aviation of Vietnam has not received information on this.
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Decree No. 92/2016 regulating the conditional business lines in the field of civil aviation, the minimum capital required to set up and maintain a general aviation business enterprise is VND100 billion.

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With Tre Viet Aviation, chartered capital is VND700 billion, according to Decree 92, which is eligible for domestic and international air transport. This size allows the company to use and operate a minimum of 10 aircraft and up to 30 aircraft.

According to the Law on Civil Aviation of Vietnam, the State shall ensure a healthy and equal competitive environment and protect legitimate rights and interests as provided for by law for organizations and individuals of all economic sectors. Participation in civil aviation. The State shall create conditions for Vietnamese organizations and individuals of different economic sectors, foreign organizations and individuals and overseas Vietnamese to cooperate and invest in the field of civil aviation . However, firms must meet strict conditions before being licensed to operate.

Currently, Vietnam has four airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Vietjet Air and VASCO. Of which, Vietnam Airlines has the highest domestic market share, then Vietjet.

Recently, Vietstar Air has been known for the purpose of becoming the first specialized airfreight passenger and cargo carrier Jav Sex in Vietnam, targeting the domestic market on the north-south axis, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia. Vietstar has submitted the application for air transportation business license.

As a result of the assessment of the Civil Aviation Authority of Viet Nam, the records of Vietstar Corporation fully meet the current regulations, including the necessary conditions such as capital certification documents, , Copies of the professional qualifications of the person in charge. However, as Tan Son Nhat International Airport is overloaded, the government has made a temporary decision not to establish a new airline.


Earlier this month, AirAsia AirAsia's handshake deal with Hai Au Airways was revealed when Malaysia's low-cost airline informed shareholders about a joint venture plan with Thien Minh Group (TMG). ) To exploit inexpensive aviation in the domestic market of Vietnam.

Speaking with PV Dan Tri about the joint venture to establish a low-cost airline in Vietnam, the leaders of Vietnam Airlines have confirmed not received the registration documents for the establishment of new airlines, the side Hai Au has not yet submitted any recommendations to the Bureau on the change of aviation license.


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