Take the time to do these things in the morning to "it" always great as Italy

Every day sitting in heaven five minutes

"Ask yourself why you do not have enough interest and desire. 1/4 of couples living together in the United States say they are too tired," said Fletcher, meditation expert Emily.
"You know, too nervous, can kill desire. We usually respond" when the fight or flight stress encountered. The body will school porn release cortisol and adrenaline to help us fight or flight pressure. This leads to the decrease of blood glucose and blood pressure and the immune system, reduce our desire, "she told us more.

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So why meditation can help improve this? The ancient meditation has been shown to improve sleep and mood. Your researchers at the Harvard University found that people who meditate, insomnia, depression, and fatigue began to sit in meditation in the back straight, and then relax, counting from "one" to do a little soul like a curse for us. When you realize that you are having a rest, but also can do a little "soft start for us, 5 minutes a day, Fletcher" proposal.

Therefore, before breakfast, open the computer sitting meditation. If you feel better, let us increase meditation time every day. If you do not have a province in meditation for beginners, you can buy a DVD to teach Zen, their family education.

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Improve libido
If you do not want to meditate, you can switch to exercise in the morning
Not only bring health, intellect, exercise also has not little effect, in the life of the people.
A study published in the Journal of research group of depression and anxiety of Texas State University said: every movement to help improve the ability of woman orgasm increases greatly, improve libido and sexual function in general. This is because in addition to affect the body, enhance the body movement, those who work hard often exercise confidence and satisfaction with their appearance than in every ".
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However, many people will say that I can't get up early to exercise, how to do? If you are in this group can be applied to the following measures:
Sexual desire
Buy and rent card gym coach: the financial situation is not allowed, you can invite a friend. This will be the "double benefit."

I go to bed earlier than usual adjustment: to let you sleep for 7 hours. Once you get enough sleep and sleep, you'll be ready to get up and practice.
Prepare training clothes, going to bed before things: the need of sports shoes, training pants legging, headset on the bed... And then... The second day in the morning, on behalf of the dual tree bring hardware and the necessary start-up.


Tot used to chuyen the plane
The alarm - many times the mobile phone ringing far away or set the alarm clock in the song melody / you hated more dynamic set up.

Avoid food in the stomach, that night: make a sandwich or a big meal to eat, the excess material will hurt your stomach, make you stop working until the morning of the second day lag from the bed is an impossible task.


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