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I this year 30 years old, married and 2 children, my second son also was 4 years old. Throughout the 4 years now, I avoid pregnancy by using a condom, emergency contraceptive pill. As far as I know, the emergency contraception pill drink much nor beneficial for health. Although I do not intend to add any more babies born but not so that I don't pay attention to their reproductive health. At my age, if not note reproductive health care as we increase the risk of many diseases, especially cancer.

So, I want to ask the doctor, should I go check on reproductive health and sexual health every year or not? And the test would be most important for women? I would like to thank the doctor! (Audio Seminar)

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Thanh you dear,

First of all to say that, you have the sense of preserving health, especially reproductive health, Gynecology is so very good. As you say, if not regularly interested and check sexual health or reproductive health, my sister will have to face many Gynecologic diseases, most notably the common cancers in women such as breast cancer or uterine cancer.

To protect their own sexual health, my sister should take the examination annually or according to doctor's appointments. In the gynecological health check, 3 test pap smear, breast examination and sexual disease screening is considered most important that sisters do not get overlooked.

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-Pap smear: Pap smear test is to check the cells of the cervix to detect early, you are at risk of developing cervical cancer or not.

Check pap smear also help detect early signs of viruses such as HPV (human papilloma virus) virus increases the risk of developing cervical cancer. Sisters should start checking pap smears at age 21, or three years after sexual intercourse. Pap smear testing should be done 3 years in a row, if the results are all good signs, the test time limit can chill out.
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-Breast test: all women should examine the breasts once a month to be able to detect early abnormalities in the breast, as the signs can lead to breast cancer. You should check out the breast at the time between menstrual cycle, when you are Ovulating, and at the same time every day if possible.

If you notice changes in the chest in the next months, like a tumor or any difference on the skin then please go see your doctor soon. When in addition to 40 years, women need to take x-rays of the breast glands 2 or 3 a year in addition to a monthly breast self-examination.

-Sexual infection screening: normally there to more than 20 common sexually transmitted infections STD (sexually transmitted disease), so the protect yourself against these diseases are urgently needed. Most of the infections do not have any noticeable symptoms, so if you're not checking and screening, you may not know that they are infected.

Some common infections are gonnorrheoa and chlaymidia, which can affect the fertility of the sisters if not controlled. 

You should consult the advice of doctors to know more what to check.

Wish you happy, healthy!

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