The young girl daughter-in-law place for Jav HD Porn help, because abused by her husband

On 11/8, Mrs. m. A (SN 1976 Thanh Phu commune, Hamlet, Fire Grenades, HO CHI MINH CITY. Vị Thanh, Hau Giang Province) information to the News, she just sent the rescue bridge to the functional Clip Sex sectors thanks to the help of the 18 year old daughter fall put away China. The place of the person who was her husband, sadomasochism and intended to commit suicide.

According to presentations by Ms. m., about, 8/2016, in the Cafe at the selling side go, Kim d. (SN 1999, daughter of Mrs. M.) has listened to seduce a woman's estranged husband, China will be 50 million.

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Believe, in the end, 8/2016, d. accept Chinese man (29 years old) as her husband, and then to China. From then until now, D. very rarely phone home. However, recently, through social networking, d. had contact with the family.

"During the brief conversation, d. crying distress, family sobbed looking to put themselves on their homeland. By my children, my husband constantly tormenting both the body and spirit and intended to commit suicide. I very much look forward to the functional sectors early in the help. Currently, families could not make contact with D. ", Ms. m. worry said.

Mrs m. are Exchange with reporters (photo: Thanh Lam).

Ms. m. adds, the incident immediately after it was her report to the functional sectors thanks to intervention. Because she did not know the Chinese should be very hard to know where we're at. Recently, d. have sneaks her husband's papers capture and probe asked neighbors to know the name of her husband is Zhang D (SN 1988, a native of the town of Save page, China, Anhui Province, China).

Through the understanding of the PV, the couple she has 3 children, M. D. is the second daughter of the family. Due to the difficult life, D. only to school to grade 7, then go rest until Cafe selling accessories to China.
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The afternoon of the same day, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Loi, Vice Chairman of PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE of HO CHI MINH CITY (Grenade Fire Township. Vị Thanh), Ms. m. had married daughters of China. The daughter of Mrs. m. was a Chinese husband violence, local side are verified, grasp the situation.

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