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1. fresh lemon shell

Often people use fresh lemon forgetting that its shell is very useful in the treatment of halitosis. Instead of leaving, please rinse with clean water and then chew and swallow. Initially you will feel uncomfortable but just do so several times a day, your breath will be markedly improved. This is considered as one of the effective treatment of bad breath tips and simple. Why do not you try it and always right? 

2. Brine

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Salt is an essential mineral for the body and the spices that the family has. In ancient folklore, people tend to use salt mixed with water to form a mixture of salt water to prevent sore throat, tooth decay, and especially very beneficial in the treatment of halitosis. This is considered extremely simple tips and easy to implement most of the tips. You only need to dilute brine and rinse at least 3 times a day for most, it is only right then you will feel everything changed. Moreover, salt water also kill bacteria hiding in the tongue and gums. However, you need to be patient, because this is a long-term cure, just done regularly, you will achieve the desired results.

3. Vinegar apple

Apple cider vinegar, as well as other kinds of vinegar, is a product of fermentation of natural apple cider vinegar contains many vitamins, minerals and so acidic apple cider vinegar should be effective against bad breath extremely effective. You just took a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water, so drink before and after eating, steadily after the meal so you will find surprising effects. Apple cider vinegar is not only beneficial to digestion, stomach, but also help your halitosis will be markedly improved. 

4. Ginger
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Needless to say too much about food, because ginger is considered as a "panacea" natural remedy for many diseases of stomach discomfort, especially halitosis medications are extremely effective. Fresh ginger can be easily purchased in the bazaar and just takes a few odd contract, your breathing has improved instantly. Every day, you only need to prepare 2-3 ginger, peeled clean, sliced, for the warm water to boil. Then take ginger water gargle from 5-10 minutes, from 2 -3 times per day, you will be confident to talk to people without having to cover as halitosis mieng.Neu gradually improved, you should keep these tips above, otherwise keep it simple routine below:

- Do not forget to brush your teeth after eating. Should floss to clean between your food in that clinging. 

- Do not forget to scrape the tongue when brushing your teeth to remove food residue and sticking out his tongue. 

- Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters of water a day to provide full body. 

- Avoid foods warm smell like garlic, onions, tobacco, alcohol, ... 

- should soak and rinse your mouth with salt water daily to remove odors and limit gingivitis.

Bad breath is a disease common in everyday life that many people make. Despite regular brushing but not afraid to open his mouth a few cases because stench remains. Here are some tips to help you cure bad breath, but if you take the trouble immediately applied for a long time will help you feel more confident you. Along refer !

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